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Whose blend? Reflections on week 1 of Blended Learning Essentials #FLble1

I am participating in the FutureLearn Blended Learning Essentials MOOC for the next few weeks, so I’ve revived my blog again as a place for short reflective posts. As I was working through the videos and quizzes today I got … Continue reading

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Curating: finding, selecting, sorting, reading, sharing & saving digital ‘stuff’ #BYOD4L

My understanding and practice of digital curation may not match dictionary definitions of curating, but I think ‘curating’ is the best way to describe the finding, reading and passing on (or stashing) of interesting digital content. In this post for … Continue reading

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Cross-blogging to G+

I’m having some difficulties embedding a G+ post here: This is about my 6th attempt… Earlier failures were a post from a community, so here is one I originally posted publicly

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Curating and Communicating (part 2) The network in action.

Originally posted on sedasig:
Introduction In the first of these 2 blog posts I outlined my practice in in terms of ‘e-routes to disseminating and sharing good practice among teaching staff’. I also mapped out 4 ‘zones’, each dominated by…

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Curating and Communicating (part 1)

Originally posted on sedasig:
Mapping practice This is the first of two blog posts based on a poster I presented at the SEDA conference in November 2012. This poster in turn originated from a request on the SEDA JISCmail list for colleagues to share…

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