Whose blend? Reflections on week 1 of Blended Learning Essentials #FLble1


I am participating in the FutureLearn Blended Learning Essentials MOOC for the next few weeks, so I’ve revived my blog again as a place for short reflective posts.

As I was working through the videos and quizzes today I got thinking think about who is doing the blending when we talk about blended learning? Is it the teacher and/ or the student? Are we in danger of equating blended teaching with blended learning?

For me, one of the important aspects of using technology in teaching and learning is the control and flexibility it can give learners – to personalise their own learning for themselves. VLEs and openly available digital tools can allow students to take control of their own learning – creating, curating, remixing and repurposing knowledge in ways that have meaning for them.

I recommend you read Catherine Cronin’s blog and watch her 2014 ALT Keynote ‘Navigating the Marvellous: openness in education’ for more on these ideas.

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2 Responses to Whose blend? Reflections on week 1 of Blended Learning Essentials #FLble1

  1. It’s a good question – do we actually know what we mean by blended? If the course tells you please let us know 🙂


    • annehole says:

      Well, the glossary entry defines ‘blended learning’ as: ‘an approach to facilitating a course in which parts of the course are facilitated ‘face to face’ in a brick and mortar environment and other parts are facilitated online with learners controlling time / place they will study these parts of the course.’
      I think I would want to give learners more control than just time/place – which is why I linked to Catherine Cronin.


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