Why do I have my own blog?

BLOG (found on http://www.photosforclass.com/)

This week I am co-facilitating Take 5: Blogs so I am thinking about my own blog. Does it match the definitions in day one? Why do I keep it? What purposes does it serve?

It is very much an individual blog, but I do not post regularly to it. Most of my blogging is done for the Sussex TEL blog.

The main reason I keep this blog is for the times I am involved in open online courses – which tend to be of the connectivist sort (cMOOCs) where participants are encouraged to blog about their learning and comment on each other’s posts.

So if you look through previous posts here you will find several ‘batches’ of posts which relate to distinct courses I was involved in. Most recently I wrote about my digital curation practice for #BYOD4L (Bring Your Own Devices for Learning).

One day I might start blogging more on my own account, but at the moment I find that the TEL blog, my other social media involvement (Twitter, GooglePlus) and Flipboard keep me well connected with my Personal Learning Network (PLN).

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