How to Teach Online (tomooc) Aloha Discussion

8831965236_e6123bb9bc_bThis is my first post for the How to Teach Online cMOOC. This is the second time I have signed up for a connectivist MOOC, but this time I have a better idea of what to expect and so my intention is very different.

Last time I didn’t realise there were different types of MOOC so I was putting a lot of emphasis on the ‘course’ part and expecting quite a clear structure, this time I am intending to view this as an extension of my PLN. Indeed, it was through G+ that I heard of the MOOC and apart from breathing life back into this blog the rest of the requirements are things I would normally be expecting to do as part of my online professional learning.

But why am I here specifically rather than in some other cMOOC? I work in the area of education technology in Higher Education and support others in using a VLE as part of campus-based courses but would like to develop my understanding of online teaching further as HEIs look to the future of distance learning.

What issues do I think are important? That’s a big question. I’m not sure if it relates to issues in online teaching or issues in cMOOCs or both. I suppose they are related. For learning in a cMOOC the issues are going to be about finding time to read materials, create artefacts and respond to others.

For teaching online, my initial thoughts are that issues are likely to arise if trying to translate classroom practices to the online environment. It will be interesting to see how the essence of good pedagogy can be transferred to a new space in new ways.

I will be contributing on this blog, via Google plus (which is the hub of my PLN) and not so much via Twitter (@annehole) and of course commenting on others’ contributions.

I would like to see the community develop into a lively professional learning network that will continue to share resources and discuss online teaching and related topics long after the MOOC has ended. The setting up of the G+ community is a good start on this.

I will try to be a good student and participate throughout the course. I’m not too fearful of learning in the open and if I get scared I’ll just retreat a little and lurk! The technologies involved are not new to me as I’ve been using WordPress for the RUSTLEblog for a couple of years so I don’t anticipate any insurmountable setbacks. I am going away for a few days during the run of the MOOC, but expect to have good Wifi so any silence will just be down to the need to unwind!

So, there you have it. Now I can’t wait to get started.

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2 Responses to How to Teach Online (tomooc) Aloha Discussion

  1. Hi Anne! Like you I am excited to see “how the essence of good pedagogy can be transferred to a new space in new ways.” I am especially excited to follow your posts as you are an experienced MOOCer, blogger, and PLN builder! All this is fairly new to me.


    • annehole says:

      Thanks for your comment Debbie. I wouldn’t say I was an experienced MOOCer – I started one and gave up pretty early on because I was expecting something much more structured and tutor-led. This time it will be different I think.


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